Deer/Stag Head

Deer/Stag Head

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  • 25 deer silhouette nail vinyl stencils
  • 25 vinyl deer silhouette (the inside pieces of the stencils)
  • Measures roughly 0.5 x 0.4 inches

    Note: Please note that this design has very small sections around the antlers. To get the best results, apply polish with a sponge and then remove the stencil from the bottom of the deers face and pull in an upward motion. 

    All of my vinyls are made to order with high quality premium vinyl. This means it will stick onto your nail very well and will prevent the polish from leaking underneath the vinyl while you are creating your masterpiece. If you would like to be even more protected from leakage, try applying the polish with a makeup sponge instead of with the brush that comes with the bottle.

    All of my nail vinyls come in matte black. This isn't just because matte black is beautiful - it's a blank canvas, so you are better able to imagine your creations while using my products!

    Since these nail vinyls are made to order, some variation between sheets may occur. 

    Images provided by @thebasecoat 

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