My Polish Picks for Fall 2016

Fall Polish Picks

Every season, nail polish brands put out a few new colors to represent that season. I used to buy every single polish that my favourite brands would release. As early as mid August I would be out searching for the Fall collections. I started realizing that I was bringing home some of the same, or very similar to the colors that I already had. Do I need 5 of the same red polishes? Do I even wear red polish? 

Recently, I have mostly not been buying new polish. I still watch the collections being released, and I will buy one if I think it will be different than anything in my collection, or if it's special in some way (See Zoya Alicia). 

Here are a pick of shades I think will be perfect for Fall 2016: 



Dusty Rose

Essie Mrs Always-Right 


YSL Jaune Babouche

Dark Grey Blue

OPI CIA = Color Is Awesome


Zoya Tara

Dark Sage


Color Club Martian, Martian, Martian!


Which polish is your number 1 pick for fall 2016? Comment below!

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